Adaptations: Skin, Purple, Anonyma, Spies

“KanZaman (“Kingdom of Heaven,” “Goya’s Ghosts”) has landed movie adaptation rights to Albert Sanchez Pinol’s Antarctic Island sci-fi action thriller “Cold Skin.” Budget will be north of $25 million and aims to shoot in Iceland…” (full details)

“Future Films, El Deseo and Arcadia Capital will bring an adaptation of “The Ice Storm” author Rick Moody’s best-selling novel “Purple America” to the big screen. Directed by award-winning Spanish commercials director Jorge Torregrossa, it details the story of a freelance publicist summoned home to care for his mother who suffers from a neurological disease and demands an assisted suicide…” (full details)

“”Downfall” producer Constantin Film has signed on to produce “Anonyma — A Woman in Berlin” based on the best-selling autobiography of a woman living in Berlin at the time of Germany’s capitulation in spring 1945. Director Max Faerberboeck will direct. “Anonyma” will begin shooting soon in Poland and Cologne, Germany, for a planned 2008 theatrical release…” (full details)

“Global hit TV show “Totally Spies” will become a $7 million movie. A script of the new pre-production project about the back history of the high school girl spies is being shopped at Cannes. The show follows a trio of spies, whose secret weapons include laser lipstick and drill stilettos, airs on dozens of nets around the world. It’s presently in production of its fifth season…” (full details)