Adaptations: Love, Season, Spanky

“Author Jonathan Lethem will give away the film option to his LA-based, music-themed novel “You Don’t Love Me Yet” to a “select filmmaker”. Rather than taking option up front, he wants to be paid 2% of the budget once the pic’s made. Arrangement gives Lethem control over who would make the film…” (full details)

“HBO has bought rights to Neal Thompson’s book “Hurricane Season”, a project about a football team’s unlikely triumph in post-Katrina New Orleans. “Season” centers on the John Curtis Christian School football team, which in the fall of 2005 overcame poverty, homelessness and other hardships to win the state championship. John Romano (“American Dreams”) is attached to write…” (full details)

“Shoreline Entertainment has launched development of “Spanky,” acquiring film rights to Brit author Christopher Fowler’s tale of demonic possession. “Spanky” tells the story of a 23-year-old man who meets his own personal demon. He makes a deal that results in a better job and life, but it’s uncertain what price he’ll pay since he’s unsure whether the demon is real. Dan Turner (“Experiment”) will helm and Ray Gower (“Dark Corners”) will pen the script…” (full details)