Adams Will Only Get One Batman Scene

Amy Adams has finished filming her role of Lois Lane in Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” and from the sounds of it she’ll be sticking with Clark Kent/Superman (Henry Cavill) for most of her on screen time.

Speaking briefly about the film with the Press Association, she was asked about Ben Affleck’s take on Batman. She revealed that she has seen some footage from the movie, and that she shares only scene with Affleck in the film:

“He is going to be his own unique thing. He’s got a wonderful quality and a great body of work. I was only in one scene with him, I think I’m allowed to say that. So I didn’t get to see much, but what I saw was fantastic.

It should be a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun for me. We’re not allowed to speak about it, but I just want to tell everybody everything. I’ve spoken about working briefly with Gal (Gadot) as Wonder Woman and Ben as Batman and had a wholly positive experience.

And teaming up with Zack (Snyder), Henry (Cavill) and Laurence Fishburne again is so much fun. I like playing Lois, it’s a real privilege for me. I never really expected it. I can’t wait to see it. Just the part I’ve seen looks really exciting.”

The first trailer for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is rumored to be making its debut as early as next Friday in cinemas with “Jupiter Ascending”.