Adam Scott To Play John Cusack’s Son

Out doing “Hell Baby” promotions, actor Rob Corddry spoke about the setup for “Hot Tub Time Machine 2” and how the casting of comedian Adam Scott fits into the action of the time travel comedy. Corddry says:

“We go ten years into the future and we don’t hit the same beats like a lot of sequels do, but we hit certain jokes or set pieces that have the spirit of certain things that were really popular on the first one. I think it’s way funnier.

There’s no [John] Cusack so that I’d say is a huge difference. Adam Scott is playing his son from ten years in the future, his son that was conceived in 1986 on the night with Jenny Stedmeyer.”

Craig Robinson, Clark Duke and Corddry return in the film with Corddry’s character Lou now a multi-billionaire who “practically owns New Orleans”.

Source: Crave Online