Adam Scott Cast In Key “Twilight Zone” Role

Adam Scott Cast In Key Twilight Zone Role

When it comes to the classic anthology series”The Twilight Zone,” arguably its most iconic story was the ‘monster on the wing in mid-flight’ episode “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” based on Richard Matheson’s short story.

William Shatner starred in the original as an airline passenger who is the only person to notice a hideous creature lurking outside the plane on the wing, one whom hides every time someone else tries to take a look.

His claims are complicated by the fact he’s just got out of a sanitarium after suffering a nervous breakdown on a flight six months prior. The story scored a new adaptation in the 1980s movie with John Lithgow in the lead role.

Now “Parks and Recreation” and “Big Little Lies” star Adam Scott has scored the part in the episode “Nightmare at 30,000 Feet” which will serve as part of the upcoming new take on “The Twilight Zone” being produced and hosted by Jordan Peele for CBS All Access.

Scott marks the second casting hire for the series, with “Alien vs. Predator” actress Sanaa Lathan to lead an episode titled ‘Rewind’. The series is aiming to debut in 2019.

Source: The Live Feed