Adam Sandler Goes To “Candy Land”

Though Universal ditched its various Hasbro-related projects a few months ago, it’s now looking like there’s a scramble to pick them up at other studios reports The Los Angeles Times.

Earlier this week came word that Relativity Media was reviving “Stretch Armstrong”, a film based on the stretchable toy which Taylor Lautner was at one point attached to (but no longer).

Today comes the news that Sony Pictures has picked up the proposed film version of the board game “Candy Land” and will turn it into a live-action feature starring Adam Sandler.

“Enchanted” director Kevin Lima was previously attached to the film when it was at Universal and remains so. Robert Smigel, the man behind Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and the Sandler-vehicle “You Don’t Mess With the Zohan”, has come onboard to pen a new draft of the script.