Adam Reed Talks Post ‘Vice’-Era “Archer”

FX returned to Comic Con this year to show off the sixth season premiere of “Archer” and host a Q&A panel with the cast and crew.

Following last year’s “Archer Vice” experiment, the team is now back to spying this time out and have returned to ISIS – or rather a ‘digitized version’ of their spy office. Lana’s baby is also in tow.

Creator Adam Reed spoke about the return to more familiar surroundings, saying “We treated Season 5 as a vacation. We’re happy to be home, and we’re excited to get back to what we normally do after a fun summer of cocaine.”

While he joked “we ran out of cocaine,” he did indicate events in ‘Vice’ will have ongoing consequences in the upcoming season. ISIS will be working with the CIA more in the new season, so Christian Slater’s character Slater will be returning on a regular basis.

“Fargo” star Allison Tolman will be guest-voicing the role of Pam’s sister Edie in an episode where Pam returns home for Edie’s wedding with Archer in tow as her date.

Barry the cyborg will be back, Reed tells Collider: “Barry comes back in a big way. And he’s gonna be, I think, probably the key villain of the season. But things pretty quickly go really badly also for Barry…physically.”

The first episode sees Archer becoming friends with a Japanese despot whom he’s stranded with on an island. Making matters worse, bombs are raining down on them. On top of that, Archer’s fighting hard to stop Lana and the baby from turning him into a better and more responsible person.

At present, four episodes of the new season have been recorded, so they’re still locking down potential guest stars for this season.