Ad-Free Hulu May Be Coming This Fall

Major streaming provider Hulu is reportedly considering getting rid of the main thing that turns people away from their service – advertising.

Rivals Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video are heavily marketed on the fact that they are advertising free, so much so they are the preferred option for many when it comes to watching TV – even if it means waiting.

Hulu’s edge has always been in the fact that it offers current episodes of TV seasons as they happen rather than with the long delays that come with their competitors. Even though their current $7.99 premium subscription is about the same as Netflix and Amazon Prime, they still included advertising both before and during programming – something that is cited as the main complaint against the service.

Now, the Wall Street Journal reports that Hulu may offer an ad-free option to subscribers for an increased price, a service that could launch as early as this Fall.

The new option’s code name is “NOAH,” which stands for “No Ads Hulu,” and is expected to be around $12-14 a month. The ad-supported service however would still remain, and the plan would then be to make advertising more relevant to the viewer.