Acquisitions: Youth, Frost, Alchemy

“Despite pursuit by Tom Cruise’s United Artists, Sony Pictures Classics has ended up acquiring North American distribution rights to Francis Ford Coppola’s “Youth Without Youth,” the director’s first film since 1997’s “The Rainmaker.” A late fall release is planned…” (full details)

“Castle Rock Entertainment has scooped up spec script “Find.Love.Frost” from scribe J. Mills Goodloe (“Pride”). The storyline of the contemporary New York romantic drama is being kept under wraps. Castle Rock bought the script and will develop with its own funds, Warner Bros. Pictures has first dibs at distribution…” (full details)

“Producers Arnold and Anne Kopelson have picked up spec script “The Alchemy Papers” by Geoff Watson and Adele Griffin. The family film involves three kids who search for Thomas Edison’s formula that will turn metal into gold. One of the kids is Edison’s great-great-grandson. Kopelson will work with the writers on a polish before taking it out to studios…” (full details)