Acquisitions: Otherworld, Handbook, Swap

“Kopelson Entertainment have bought screen rights to the upcoming “The Alchemyst” author Michael Scott novel “Otherworld” which the author himself will adapt. The story is a contemporary fantasy dealing with ancient demons unleashed by global warming…” (full details)

“GreeneStreet Films has optioned Craig Clevenger’s 2002 suspense novel “The Contortionist’s Handbook.” The story follows a man who changes identities to cover his tracks as a master forger but becomes conflicted after falling in love with a woman who is not all she appears to be…” (full details)

“Sony Pictures has optioned upcoming Antony Moore novel “The Swap” and will turn it into a comedy for John Calley to produce. The story follows an out-of-shape comicbook dealer whose feelings of inadequacy flare up when he’s invited to his high school reunion. Murder, romance and the revelation of a long-held secret ensue…” (full details)