Acquisitions: Drafted, Small, Store

“Benderspink has secured the film rights to Mark Powers comic property “Drafted.” The story revolves around an alien race known as the Benefactors who arrive on Earth to help humanity defend itself from a massive invasion by another, more malevolent alien force. Social status no longer matters as everyone must unite to save our world from annihilation as they are conscripted in a draft to battle the aliens…” (full details)

“Warner Bros. and Weed Road Pictures has acquired screen rights to the Michael Hague graphic novel “In the Small”. Story concerns a strange explosion that leaves everything else in the world intact but shrinks all humans to six inches tall. The survivors are forced to transition to a new social order in which man is no longer at the top of the food chain — and is confronted by a new and greater existential threat…” (full details)

“Strike Entertainment has hired Jenna McGrath (“Reverse Psychology”) to pen an adaptation of Bentley Little’s horror novel “The Store.” The story centers on an evil corporation’s takeover of a small town…” (full details)