Acquisitions: Bible, Frakenhood, Love

“First Run Features has picked up all North American rights to the documentary “For the Bible Tells Me So,” which examines biblical scriptures and takes a critical look at how organized religion has interpreted them to discriminate against gay people. First Run plans a platform theatrical release for “Bible” beginning in October…” (full details)

“Lionsgate will distribute comedy “Frakenhood” which finished filming over the weekend. Comedy revolves around two morgue workers eager to win a local streetball tournament and enlist a large corpse brought back to life to help. DeRay Davis, Charlie Murphy and Jasper Redd star, whilst Blaxwell Smart directs from a script by Dan Filie…” (full details)

“Mandalay Alliance Entertainment has secured financing for two new projects: “Love Can’t Hide,” starring Omar Epps, and “Sundays in Fort Greene,” starring Meagan Good. Both will have sub-$10 million budgets…” (full details)