Acclaimed “Heat” Podcast Gets Mann Finale

Acclaimed Heat Podcast Gets Mann Finale

Two years ago, Australian film journalist and one of our own correspondents Blake Howard came up with the idea for a podcast about Michael Mann’s 1995 crime opus thriller “Heat”.

Dubbed ‘One Heat Minute,’ the format was simple but the ambition was wild – each episode would take a 60 second excerpt from the movie and it would involve Howard and a guest star spending anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour dissecting the selected minute and using it as a spring board to explore many elements of the film and its impact on cinema.

Key crew members, famous filmmakers and countless major critics and film journalists have since all been a part of the nearly 160 episodes released thus far – leaving only the final few episodes left. Last night, the program had one last public recording at the Sydney Film Festival in an often rowdy and energetic live session which included a trans-Pacific video call cat, dial-in drinking and a lot of love in the room.

It was also revealed the podcast will be closing out with one final, very special guest – Michael Mann himself. That episode is expected to go up sometime next month – until then you can hear everything recorded for the podcast thus far, one which was voted as one of Vulture’s Top 100 Podcasts earlier this year, now on iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher or through the official site at