Absent “Alan Wake” Game Returns To Steam

Absent Alan Wake Game Returns To Steam

Months after it was removed from Steam, the acclaimed third-person, single player Lovecraft-meets-Stephen King style 2010 horror game “Alan Wake” is finally back in digital storefronts with developers Remedy Entertainment announcing its return.

In fact, Remedy has announced that due to Halloween, you’ll be able to get copies of both “Alan Wake” and “Alan Wake: American Nightmare” at 80% off retail – meaning it’s only $3 for the main game and $5 for both.

The game had an episodic structure and followed fictitious best-selling author Alan Wake (Matthew Porretta) on a journey to a small town in Washington state where he hopes to rid himself of prolonged writer’s block. What follows is an increasingly surreal experience that seems to bring the plot from his last novel – which he has no memory of writing – to life in a town where light becomes a weapon.

The original game sold 4.5 million copies, but sadly a full sequel was never realised, however last month came the news that “Legion” and “Cloak and Dagger” producer Peter Calloway had signed on as showrunner and writer of a live-action TV series based on the property and which could precede a long-awaited game sequel.

Source: Twitter