Abrams Turned Down Big Apple Payday

Abrams Turned Down Apple For Warnermedia

Apple reportedly came close to paying more than $500 million for J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot production company according to a new The Live Feed report.

Bad Robot’s five-year pact with WarnerMedia was announced Thursday and is said to be worth at least $250 million and possibly far more thanks to various financial incentives. Under the deal, the company will produce new film, TV, video game and digital projects for WarnerMedia’s various divisions.

One of the key caveats for Bad Robot though was the ability to sell product to other outlets, which is why Abrams walked away from a potential record-setting blockbuster deal with Apple. Apple’s conditions wanted Bad Robot to create new projects only for Apple – so Abrams couldn’t work on outside projects while his TV projects could not be sold to third-party outlets.

Apple’s lack of a theatrical distribution model and lack of intellectual property for Abrams to adapt were also a concern. Sources for the outlet say the deal is less about money and more about the larger opportunities that come with an established media giant like WarnerMedia and Abrams is said to have wanted a set number of guaranteed slots on Warner Bros. Pictures’ feature film release calendar.