Abrams Talks His “Roger Rabbit 2” Idea

In the wake of its release almost thirty years ago, talk of a sequel to Robert Zemeckis’ “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” floated around and yet, in the time since, nothing ever really came of it.

Speaking with the Nerdist (via Slashfilm), this week to promote “10 Cloverfield Lane,” Abrams was asked about Lucasfilm chief Kathleen Kennedy which led to him revealing a story about one of the first calls he got from Kennedy back when he was a teenager. It seems at one point he was involved in a ‘Roger Rabbit’ sequel meeting:

“When I was 16, Kathleen Kennedy called Matt Reeves (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) and I, to ask if we would repair these 8mm films Steven had made when he was a kid. It happened because we were in a film festival and she had read about us in the LA Times. So, of course, we said yes and did the repairs.

Years later I got to meet Steven. I went into a meeting…actually, it was for a Roger Rabbit sequel. It was a whole thing. I actually have some storyboards for a Roger Rabbit short. Honestly, we never really got to that phase [where it got serious]. We were writing an outline, but it honestly went away before it was anything. This was a long time ago. Zemeckis probably would have been a producer on it. This was 1989.”

At last report “Roger Rabbit” creator Gary K. Wolf and Erik Von Wodtke were working on “The Stooge,” an animated Disney buddy comedy starring Mickey Mouse and Roger Rabbit that would effectively serve as a prequel to ‘Framed’. That remains stuck in development hell.