Abrams’ “Star Trek” Timeline Gets A Name

With “Star Trek Beyond” hitting cinemas next month and the CBS series now in the works, the producers behind the “Star Trek” franchise are now getting around to solving one pesky problem that needed to be sorted out sooner or later – continuity.

Specifically it was established in J.J. Abrams’ 2009 “Star Trek” that the film and its subsequent sequels are part of an alternate universe that splits off from the rest of the “Star Trek” timeline – so everything that happens within them doesn’t upset the continuity of the original 1960s TV series and the various spin-offs like “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”.

Until now there’s been no official designation for this splinter timeline, though the Abrams-verse is a name often bandied about. Well that has changed with an official name now being established for it – The Kelvin Timeline.

The name ties back to the Federation starship USS Kelvin, the one in the opening moments of the 2009 film with is destruction at the hands of the Romulan ship Narada from the far future creating the new timeline.

CBS Consumer Products’ Holly Amos tweeted about the new name, explaining that they needed an official designation to distinguish it from the other ‘Trek’ timeline: “We needed an in-universe term since we needed some way to refer to it in the encyclopedia.” Amos also revealed that the name comes from Michael and Denise Okuda, the authors behind numerous “Star Trek” reference guides.

The name will come in handy shortly as the new CBS All Access series from producer Bryan Fuller is reportedly set in the original timeline, though when specifically remains a big question. That series will arrive on the streaming service in early 2017.

Source: Arc Games