Abrams Admits “Star Trek” Khan Problems

Filmmakers are often reluctant to talk about films that have misfired or not quite worked with audiences, and when they do they’re usually pretty soft on that. A few weeks back, filmmaker J.J. Abrams acknowledged the muted response from the fanbase that his previous effort “Star Trek Into Darkness” received.

This past weekend he went one tiny step further, saying that one of the problems with the film was the far too many throwbacks to the classic “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”. Speaking with Stephen Colbert at the Montclair Film Festival, he says: “[T]here were too many nods to ‘The Wrath of Khan.’ I’ll cop to that.”

This follows on from comments where he said the film boasted “fundamental story problems” before they started filming. ‘Into Darkness’ is the most successful of the Trek films at the box-office to date, taking in $467 million worldwide. It’s also a long way from being the worst reviewed of the Trek films, yet the perception is one of disappointment.

The next film in the series is “Star Trek Beyond” which Justin Lin is directing and premieres next July.

Source: Rolling Stone