Abraham Talks The Thing Remake

Out doing promotion for his new film “Flash of Genius”, Marc Abraham talked about one of his upcoming projects – the remake of the John Carpenter/Kurt Russell 1982 horror classic “John Carpenter’s The Thing.”

Many have been confused about the film as talk has it as either a sequel, a prequel or a remake. Abraham tells Latino Review that “This is more of a prequel than a sequel, there is your exclusive. Its going to be taking place in the same time frame.”

The original film dealt with a shape-shifting alien that is revived after being frozen in ice. The alien infiltrates a scientific research station in the Antarctic and kills a Norwegian research team. A nearby American research team investigates the incident and is in turn infiltrated by the alien. Blood, gore and a head with spider legs ensue.

So what will this new version be about? “These are the events leading up to the 1982 film.” Best guess seems to be it will deal with the Norwegian research team uncovering the organism and their subsequent slaughter.