Abel Ferrara Talks His Pasolini Biopic

Filmmaker Abel Ferrara recently sat down with IndieWIRE where the topic of “Pasolini,” his upcoming biopic of acclaimed Italian filmmaker, poet and journalist Pier Paolo Pasolini.

Ferrara explained that the film will explore Pasolini on “the last day of his life” and his attempt to recover stolen reels from his most controversial (and often banned) work “Salo”. It was a journey that ended with his grisly murder.

The film aims to also present some of those sequences that were long-missing, and touch upon the next movie Pasolini was set to make – about St. Paul in Detroit. Ferrara also isn’t afraid to show off Pasolini penchant for hookups with twinks:

“You’ve gotta have the balls to do it… He’s the man, a chicken-hawking motherf–ker. Every night at 11 o’clock, he’s at the train station. He’s not one of these gay guys living a bourgeois life with his boyfriend. He’s picking up guys left and right. In addition to being a film director, he was also a major journalist, writing for the New York Times in 1975 when it was a war zone in Italy.”

He adds that Willem Dafoe is going to play Pasolini, and hopes to begin filming in the next few months.

Source: IndieWIRE