ABC’s “Once” Casts Its “Frozen” Queen Elsa

Australian actress Georgina Haig has scored the key role of Queen Elsa of Arendelle, the icy powered character from Disney’s “Frozen,” in the upcoming fourth season of ABC’s “Once Upon a Time”. The character was previously teased in the third season finale.

In the series, Elsa has long struggled to control her ‘chilling’ powers and once unleashed an eternal winter upon her town. Ultimately she realized her bond with younger sister Anna (Elizabeth Lail) helps keeps her powers in check.

Haig has had an interesting career so far starring in Australian films like the horror truck tale “Road Kill” with Twilight’s Xavier Samuel and The 100’s Bobby Morley, the nihilistic school teen drama “Wasted on the Young” with Chronicle’s Alex Russell, the feel good musical “The Sapphires” with Chris O’Dowd, and the upcoming drug smuggling drama “The Mule”.

She’s probably best known though for her TV work such as the adult version of Olivia and Peter’s daughter Etta Bishop in “Fringe,” Paula Yates in the “INXS: Never Tear Us Apart” mini-series, Georgina Freeman in “Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities,” and as Lee Ann Marcus in CBS’ currently airing crime drama “Reckless”.

Source: TV Line