ABC Rebooting J.J. Abrams’ “Alias”?

E! Online reports that ABC is in very early talks of doing a “reboot” of one of the most addictive TV series of the past decade – J.J. Abrams’ “Alias”.

Years before “Lost” hit the airwaves, Abrams was best known as the producer of The CW soap “Felicity” and in 2001 he created and served as show runner on the new action spy series for the network which launched the careers of the likes of Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper, Michael Vartan and Rachel Nichols.

The show ran for five years and scored awards and critical acclaim, especially for its truly brilliant first two seasons, and had a large cult following. However the show was never considered a major hit as audience figures hovered around the 8-10 million per episode viewership mark.

Among its more memorable traits though were elements that would later be used to strong effect on “Lost” – high-level production values, an increasingly complex mythology with sci-fi/fantasy elements and character twists, a musical score by Michael Giacchino, season finales that had major impacts on the show’s storytelling style, the use of computer graphics to portray the show’s filming location (Los Angeles) as many other parts of the world, and lots of little touches that many who have only seen “Lost” would now find familiar.

According to a network source for the site, this new version would likely incorporate some of the elements of the original series, but will NOT include the complex mythological throughline (the Rambaldi elements) that helped the show stand out from the crowd in the beginning, yet proved to be an Achilles heel that overwhelmed the series in its third season, something from which it never entirely recovered.

Abrams himself likely won’t be involved in the remake as he is working on a different spy series, NBC’s “Undercovers”, which is also getting great buzz.