ABC Plans “Phantom of the Opera” TV Series

“Desperate Housewives” creator Marc Cherry is developing a contemporary TV series take on “The Phantom of the Opera” for ABC Studios.

Despite being dubbed a drama with musical elements, it is NOT using Andrew Lloyd Webber’s classic musical of the same name as the basis. Rather, the producers are going back to Gaston Leroux’s original 1909 novel which itself has more often been the basis for TV and film adaptations of the story.

This take on the story involves a ghost who haunts an opera house and helps a budding singer before jealousy gets the better of him. Much like the network’s “Nashville,” this will also involve the cutthroat world of the music business and will incorporate musical moments into story lines.

Cherry, Sabrina Wind, Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner are executive producing with the latter two penning the script.

Source: Variety