ABC & Marvel Argued Over “Inhumans” Quality?

Ever since the first photos and footage for Marvel’s upcoming “Inhumans” series were released, the show has been battling negative buzz which has only grown stronger by the week. Now there may be a reason why.

Sources for trade publication Variety report that concerns over the quality of the upcoming series, most notably regarding the visual effects and scripts which proved a major source of contention between ABC and Marvel.

The new series premiered its first two episodes over the Labor Day weekend as part of a unique production partnership with IMAX. It was the investment from IMAX that effectively paid for the whole season, regardless of its performance on broadcast.

That might potentially explain the show’s much criticised ‘cheap’ look if Marvel cut the budget because they cared little for the result. The IMAX box-office numbers, around $2.6 million worldwide for the opening two episodes, is likely to dissuade such production collaborations in the future.