ABC Adapting Reilly’s “Seven Wonders”

ABC along with “North Country” writer Michael Seitzman and producer Mark Gordon are teaming for an ambitious and big-budget TV series adaptation of Australian action thriller author Matthew Reilly’s Jack West Jr. book trilogy says Deadline.

For those unfamiliar, Reilly’s works are very Hollywood blockbuster in style with elaborate action sequences that would put Michael Bay and Stephen Sommers to shame in terms of scale and credibility-stretching respectively.

The Indiana Jones-esque Jack West Jr. series began with his seventh novel “Seven Ancient Wonders” (aka. “Seven Deadly Wonders”). That book followed a treasure hunt for the pieces of the ‘Capstone’, a crystal that sits on top of the Great Pyramid of Giza every 4,500 years to stop the Tartarus Rotation – a monstrous sunspot – from wreaking havoc on the world’s environment.

West Jr. is a retired Australian special forces captain and leads a team of members from various smaller nations like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Israel, Egypt, and the Emirates to find the missing pieces hidden inside the remains of the ancient seven wonders of the world which themselves are often placed within giant booby-trapped caverns in places like Tunisia, Sudan and Iraq.

The catch is rival forces representing Europe and the United States are out to get the capstone first as whichever nation places their country’s soil within during the rotation will be granted unchallenged power. West also has his own black-painted 747 called the Halicarnassus which he liberated from Saddam Hussein during Desert Storm.

Seitzman will write the pilot script for the series adaptation and will executive produce alongside Gordon. The first season will incorporate both ‘Wonders’ and the second book in the series – ‘The Six Sacred Stones’.

That book is the first half of a two-part story, completed in “The Five Greatest Warriors”, which follows another race – to place six pillars into parts of an ancient machine that will stop a zero-point field (a ‘Dark Sun’) from destroying all life on Earth.