Abbess, Proyas Find A “Future Perfect”

Australian filmmakers Alex Proyas (“I, Robot,” “Dark City”) and Shane Abbess (“Gabriel”) are teaming for the new ambitious sci-fi thriller “Future Perfect” reports The Los Angeles Times.

Described as an apocalyptic take on “Paper Moon” and “Hanna”, the story follows two eugenically created assassins – an older man and a young girl with a dynamic that may or may not be that of a father and daughter. The pair go on the run from authorities.

The plan here is to adopt the “District 9” mold – young upcoming director (Abbess), seasoned widely known producer (Proyas), indie financing and cheap shooting locale with the aim to create a film that looks far bigger than its modest budget.

Brian McGreevy and Lee Shipman penned the script and the production aims to kick off soon in Australia.