Abandoned “Star Wars 1313” Concept Art

One of the great abandoned projects of recent years in any form of media has to be the cancelled video game “Star Wars 1313”. Offering what could have been the darkest glimpse into the world George Lucas built, the bounty hunter adventure was a painful casualty of Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm and subsequent shut down of LucasArts.

With its subject matter not fitting the Mouse House’s family-friendly image, not to mention the whole “Star Wars” canon undergoing a complete “rejig”, the studio scrapped it in favor of starting afresh by licensing other projects like the more familiar looking “Star Wars: Battlefront”.

Now, Kotaku have come upon several pieces of concept art for the game created by design studio Filmpaint several years ago. The art explores several levels of Coruscant, the city planet and Galactic capital that featured heavily in the “Star Wars” prequels and were to be much of the setting for the game itself.

The art showcases the seedy underground levels of Coruscant from its red-light district to the abandoned lowest levels. There’s also a sketch of a train station on the planet Hoth.