Aaron Taylor-Johnson Up For “Avengers 2”

Aaron Taylor-Johnson (“Kick Ass,” “Anna Karenina”) is in early talks to play the role of Quicksilver in Joss Whedon’s upcoming “The Avengers” sequel at Marvel Studios.

No story specifics have been released. Casting for the new roles of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch has been a top priority for the studio as the rest of the major cast, sans Robert Downey Jr., are already signed to return.

Quicksilver is the Marvel Universe’s equivalent of DC’s The Flash. He’s also Magneto’s son in the comics, but that element will not be incorporated into the upcoming “Avengers”.

“American Horror Story” star Evan Peters is also playing the same role in Bryan Singer’s upcoming “X-Men: Days of Future Past”.

Source: The Wrap