Aaron Sims Talks “Castlevania” & “Invisibility”

Creature designer Aaron Sims (“Clash of the Titans”) tells STYD that the “Castlevania” film adaptation is on hold until director James Wan finishes the supernatural thriller “Insidious”.

“[They’ve] been trying to find the right financing for it. It’s a big film with a giant fan base. They’re not going through a big studio so it’s about finding the right investors. James and I went to Romania and scouted locations” says Sims.

He’s also attached to filmmaker David Goyer’s “The Invisible Man” at Universal Pictures and says the story follows the eponymous character’s nephew who discovers his uncle’s invisibility formula and uses it to assist British Intelligence during WW2.

“They have the property so they’re thinking they might as well make something new and fresh with it and Goyer brings a lot to it. He’s doing it as a period piece. So what we’ve been working on is what haven’t we seen with this stuff… We’re doing a visual effects test now and seeing where it goes from there” says Sims.

Sims recently wrapped up “The Apparition” for Dark Castle and is involved in the “Green Lantern” superhero project.