A Villain Returning For Third “Apes”?


Filmmaker Matt Reeves recently spoke with Chinese news site M Time (via Bad Ass Digest) where someone asked him a question regarding the fate of one of the characters – the ape villain Koba (Toby Kebbell). We saw him fall in his climactic fight with Caesar, but did he actually die? Maybe not. Here’s Reeves’ answer:

“You’re one of the few people to ever mention that. That’s pretty funny. Because I struggled with… I thought that Toby Kebbell gave such an incredible performance. And I thought he was so powerful and I thought: ‘God, you don’t find a villain who has got that great a story.’

Because as you said, he was not really formed as a villain; he’s really a tragic figure. And I thought: ‘God, he’s amazing; let’s leave open the possibility. Let’s create the door of a possibility if we find a story that becomes worth telling, that we can go down that path again because I thought the vein was so rich.’

In fact, he admits heavy consideration was given about making it much clearer that Koba had survived:

“I actually had been working on a version where you could actually see him survive and I realized that it wasn’t…it was Caesar’s movie, and it was undercutting the whole idea. It sort of felt cheap. And so as we were mixing, I was like: ‘I want to just leave one tiny Easter Egg right at the end. I want to leave open the door just the tiniest crack.’

That crack was the post-credits blank scene where faint ape-like sounds can be heard moving around amidst all the debris.