A Villain Potentially Returns In New “Star Wars”


A year ago came a report that an evil character from previous “Star Wars” films will appear in at least one of the upcoming new “Star Wars” trilogy films despite his apparent death. That character? Emperor Palpatine.

The report came from Latino Review who has just published another one today saying a similar thing but with a bit more information:

“Two independent sources have recently written to us to confirm something we had heard back when production first began. Even though Star Wars: Episode VII (as well as the following two sequels) will feature its share of new villains, the person pulling the strings, the real puppet master, the big bad of the trilogy is none other than Emperor Palpatine.

A lot can happen during the fall of an Empire, and maybe the moments we took to see our heroes party with the Ewoks was a forced perspective on something much more sinister. We all know that Lando blew up the second Death Star in the Millennium Falcon, and we know Luke had enough time to carry his dying father to a shuttle bay and unmask him. We also know, from Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, that when you throw someone (or in Luke’s case, himself) down the tubes of a large space station, you might not necessarily die.

My source told me that The Emperor ‘100%’ will appear in Star Wars Episode VII and VIII. Don’t look for confirmations from this from Ian McDiarmid, because he’s not portraying the Emperor this time. Will this big bad resemble the craggy old man of Return of the Jedi? Now that is the question.

The report from a year ago was when Michael Arndt’s script was in play, a script that has since been effectively re-written by J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan with much of the original material chucked out. Could the Palpatine angle, if it was in Arndt’s script in the first place, have survived?