A Third “Sunrise” Shooting In Greece?

One question that’s emerged over the past day or so is not just if a third “Before Sunrise” film is in the works, but rather is it being shot right now.

There was a nine year gap between the release of “Before Sunrise” in 1995 and “Before Sunset” in 2004, so many have been expecting a third film to be done this year ahead of a release in 2013. Actor Ethan Hawke seemed keen on the possibility last year but his co-star Julie Delpy has downplayed talk of the film in recent months.

But now tidbits of admittedly circumstantial evidence have come together via The Playlist. First up The Greece Reporter says Messinia in the south-west Peloponnese “has become a film set” for director Richard Linklater.

The Sceptical Traveler confirms Linklater’s presence and even suggests a potential title – “Before Midnight”. Flix claims Detour Films and Faliro House are co-producing the film, while a Greek travel site says whatever film Hawke is in Greece to work on began shooting mid-August and will continue into next month.

Nothing is confirmed however, and there’s been no sightings of Delpy either so take that for what you will.