A Third “Sicario” Is Already Planned

Reaction to “Sicario: Day of the Soldado” has begun trickling out and the word so far seems to be pretty damn good.

The follow-up to Denis Villeneuve’s acclaimed 2015 thriller about the war on drugs along a tense region of the U.S.-Mexico border scored awards consideration, stellar reviews and decent box-office. It did well enough a sequel was greenlit with “Gomorrah” filmmaker Stefano Sollima taking over the helm, while the focus shifts to Josh Brolin’s Matt Graver with Benicio Del Toro’s Alejandro Gillick characters.

Screenwriter Taylor Sheridan and producer Trent Luckinbill returned for the sequel as well and the latter has revealed that the former has already mapped out a third film and says audiences can absolutely expect another one to happen. He tells Screen Rant:

“We were so thrilled that people responded to the first one and we felt justified in making a second because we loved it. (Laughs) We probably are the biggest fans of the movie. And we feel that way again. Obviously, even more than the first one, we kind of leave off a little teaser at the end. Yeah. And we would love to kind of see, you know, this was always in the back of Taylor’s mind, and we loved it, and we thought, God, it would be great if we could get there. I think we’d like to do that now. I certainly feel like the second one lived up to the expectations.”

Previous reports have suggested Villeneuve could jump back aboard the helm of a third one depending upon how his two-film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s “Dune” is developing. “Sicario: Day of the Soldado” opens in cinemas on June 29th.