A Third “Kingsman” Already Planned

Speaking at a Fox press event in London on Friday morning, British director Matthew Vaughn revealed that he already has an idea in mind for a third film in the “Kingsman” series.

Vaughn says that while penning the upcoming sequel “Kingsman: The Golden Circle,” he and co-scribe Jane Goldman had already begun mapping out another instalment:

“When we were writing it, we were thinking about ‘Kingsman 3’ too. This is the bridge, if we can pull it off and get to make another one.”

He added that ‘Golden Circle’ is this series’ “The Empire Strikes Back” – the second instalment in a trilogy and one that takes you to a cliff edge with a third film to resolve matters.

The script for the second one was said to be quite easy and all had to do with Julianne Moore’s villain Poppy: ” She has a very insane but logical plot to take over the world.”

At present he has about three more months of work to go before ‘Golden Circle’ is complete and he’s still trying to cut the film down a bit – so much so that he suggests there may be a longer version of it for home video release:

“I might be tempted to do a longer cut someday. It’s been hard cutting out lots of good stuff. I hate long movies and I’ve made a long film, so I’m struggling a bit with the length right now.”

‘Golden Circle’ will mark the first sequel he’s directed to a franchise he also helmed the first entry in. Vaughn, who also helmed the well-regarded “Kick-Ass” and produced the not so well-regarded sequel, says the latter taught him a lot:

“Hollywood does a lot of sequels, and they don’t enhance the experience normally. ‘Kick-Ass 2’ was a big learning curve of how not to make a sequel. We didn’t set out to make a terrible film.”

Social media reaction by press members to ‘Golden Circle’ footage screened has sung the praises of Julianne Moore’s villain with word that she’s a “brutal” baddie coming up several times.

“Kingsman: The Golden Circle” opens September 22nd.

Source: Deadline