A Third “Jeepers Creepers” Is Coming?

Ray Wise tells Bloody Disgusting that a script for a third film in the creature feature horror series “Jeepers Creepers” is complete.

“They’re in pre-production planning now. I’m hopeful that sometime in the next two or three months we’ll get a start date…[MGM] definitely want[s] to do it, and it’s just a matter of putting together all the final financing I believe…I think it’s gonna be a go in a couple of months” says Wise.

The story will pick up from the ending of the second film where The Creeper has been crucified on a barn wall and is about to wake up from his hibernation.

Victor Salva, who wrote and directed the first two films, will be back as well. Wise says “He wouldn’t let anybody touch that. The Creeper is his.”