A Sticky End In Quantum (SPOILER)

Bond fans be warned. MAJOR SPOILER AHEAD.

The Bond films have seen their various second-tier Bond girls meet gruesome fates. Corinne Dufour mauled to death by Dobermans in “Moonraker”, the Countess von Schlaf run over in “For Your Eyes Only”, Bond’s Japanese wife Aki killed by string-dripped poison in “You Only Live Twice”.

The most famous however remains that of Jill Masterson, the blonde beauty who betrays her employer and ends up dying of skin suffocation after her unconscious nude body is painted entirely in gold in “Goldfinger”.

Now, the new 007 movie “Quantum of Solace” features a death similar to that iconic classic. 22-year-old actress Gemma Arterton plays Agent Fields, an agent who works at the British consulate in Bolivia who is ordered to keep an eye on a renegade Bond. The pair get involved before he moves on to main Bond girl Camille (Olga Kurylenko).

The Daily Mail now has several photos of Fields’s fate – she is drowned in crude oil and her lifeless body is left draped over a bed in a Miami hotel room.

Director Marc Foster positioned the body as to be deliberately reminiscent of actress Shirley Eaton’s golden pose in 1964’s “Goldfinger”. Click the photo below for more shots and quotes from Arterton about working with Daniel Craig: