A Sequel To Singleton’s “Baby Boy” Planned

One of the most notable early roles of actor Tyrese Gibson was that of 2001’s “Baby Boy,” a serious drama that was seen as something of a return to form for “Boyz N The Hood” director John Singleton.

Since then Tyrese has gone on to become a franchise star du jour with the likes of the “Fast and the Furious” and “Transformers” films under his belt. That doesn’t stop him pursuing passion projects though, and on the weekend he posted on Instagram a hint that he’s returning for a “Baby Boy” follow-up.

The original had Tyrese playing a young bike mechanic with two young children, who comes into conflict with the ex-partner (Snoop Dogg) of his girlfriend (Taraji P. Henson). The sequel seems to be titled “Baby Boy: Coming Of Age” and might have Singleton involved in some capacity – though what isn’t clear.

For now, there are no further details so who knows when this might go into production let alone score a release.

Source: The Playlist