A Second Generation of V Soon?

Talk of a sequel or remake of the 80’s alien invasion mini-series classic “V” has long been in the works, now it seems something might be moving again.

In 2004, original series creator Kenneth Johnson proposed to the networks a sequel. He was later asked to write a script for a remake instead and if successful, the remake could lead to a sequel.

Two years later Johnson announced his completion of a four hour script entitled “V: The Second Generation” set 20 years after the original mini-series. Networks however showed little interest at the time.

Then, last week Johnson released the manuscript in novel form in booksellers and this week revealed on his official site that there will be a major announcement soon to be announced “after the writers strike”.

This was followed by a short message to a DH reader saying “I really hope you enjoy the novel. Stay tuned for the film version. All the best”.

Ignoring events of the mini-series and the second mini-series “The Final Battle”, ‘Second Generation’ has Earth still under Visitor domination and the Resistance fighting a losing battle as the majority believe that the Visitors have only helped them.

It’s then that the message Julie sent into space at the end of the original miniseries is finally heard and an army of aliens, the long-sought enemies of the Visitors, reinforces the Resistance in their time of need. However, all is not as it seems.