A Roy Orbison Biopic Is In The Works

Roy Orbison’s estate has pledged its cooperation in “The Big O: Roy Orbison,” the first estate-authorised biopic if the iconic singer who always wore sunglasses to cope with stage fright.

The story will follow Texas-raised Orbinson whose soaring, angelic voice was the envy of many singers after first breaking through with “Ooby Dooby” in 1956 and subsequent famed songs like “Crying,” “Only the Lonely,” “Oh Pretty Woman,” “You Got It,” “Running Scared,” “In Dreams,” and “Dream Baby”.

He also suffered great personal tragedy including his wife’s death in a motorcycle crash and both his sons in a house fire. After such loss, Orbison managed to rebuild his life and career. The movie package includes rights to virtually all of Orbison’s songs and recordings, most of which he wrote or co-wrote.

Ray Gideon & Bruce Evans (“Starman,” “Stand by Me”) are penning the script. Marty Katz, Alex Orbison and Roy Orbison Jr will produce while Wesley Orbison, Chuck Fleckenstein and Ron Moore will executive produce.

Source: Deadline