A Return Trip To Wall Street

Nothing defined the corporate mentality of the 1980’s more than the immortal quote “greed… is good” by sleazy stockbroker Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas in an Oscar-winning performance) in Oliver Stone’s 1987 flick “Wall Street.”

Now, two decades on, The New York Times reports that Fox has sealed a deal to revive the character – an ultra-aggressive, power-hungry creation that many vote as one of the best movie villains of all time.

Producer Edward R. Pressman confirmed that development has begun on a sequel in which Douglas will resume his machinations on a global scale in the current era of online trading and hedge funds.

Entitled “Money Never Sleeps,” the new film is being penned by Stephen Schiff (“True Crime”) with a draft due later this year. The character of Bud Fox (played by Charlie Sheen in the original) is not expected to return.

Despite months of attempts, Oliver Stone has declined offers to return to the director’s chair.