A Return Trip To Elm Street

The IESB has gossip from a scooper claiming that New Line is trying to get a new “Freddy” film up for a late 2007 start of production. Here’s a sample:

“It probably won’t be the much-rumored “prequel” film, but either a new “Freddy Vs…” movie or another ‘solo’ adventure for Freddy – with one treatment in particular, floating around, getting quite a lot of buzz; its simply about the new young couple (hence, young CW-esque stars get to headline) who buy into their first home together… yep, you guessed it… THAT house.

The other option is a new “Freddy Vs. Michael” movie. There’s a lot of red-tape to get through there. John Carpenter is trying to help sort it out. This film seems to be the most popular option on the table at the moment, so if they can get it up, they will. My money is on this one, too.”

The comments match words from actor Robert Englund who heard the studio was in talks with Carpenter about this kind of possibility.