A “Reno 911” Sequel Is An “Absolute Eventuality”

A Reno 911 Sequel Is An Absolute Eventuality

Out doing press rounds for “Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich,” actor and comedian Thomas Lennon has confirmed that a film sequel to comedy series “Reno 911” is on the way.

Last year, former cast members Niecy Nash and Kerri Kenney both indicated that they were ready to return and that there was interest from the rest of the cast.

Now the show’s co-creator and Lieutenant Jim Dangle himself, Lennon, has confirmed to Movieweb that the new film is definitely happening with everyone having already agreed to do a follow-up and now it’s merely a scheduling issue:

“It’s an absolute eventuality. I know it’s going to happen. Ben [Garant] and I have an idea that we really, really love and it’s literally just now scheduling and timing. But everybody has said they would do it… I strongly suspect it would be a movie, even if it was more of a streaming service type movie thing.”

The series was adapted into a film in 2007 with “Reno 911: Miami” which scored good reviews but only a soft $22 million at the box office from a $10 million budget.