A “Phantom” Reboot Moving Forward?

A new adaptation of the classic comic serial hero “The Phantom” is reportedly in the works at the Mark Gordon Company and Management 360 according to The Tracking Board.

Drew Simon is said to be executive producing the project and they are currently seeking writers to spin this new adventure of ‘The Ghost Who Walks’.

The strip followed the purple-suited hero who resides in the fictional African country of Bangalla. The Phantom is thought to be immortal but is actually a legacy hero – descended from twenty previous generations who adopted the same guise.

The current one is the twenty-first man to take on the title. The character is also human, no superpowers, and must use his wits, reputation and athleticism to fight crime.

Two recent attempts to adapt the character to the screen proved disastrous. Billy Zane starred in a 1996 film which was both a critical and commercial flop. Syfy premiered a mini-series in 2009 starring Ryan Carnes in a “modern interpretation” of the character.