A “Nightbreed” TV Series In The Works

Twenty five years after they essentially threw it away, Clive Barker’s cult fantasy horror tale “Nightbreed” is getting a new lease on life.

Not only is the much anticipated and restored director’s cut of the film hitting Blu-ray this Halloween, but now the company has announced they are actively developing a TV series based on the work.

Barker helmed the ambitious 1990 film about a troubled young man (Craig Sheffer) framed by his serial killing psychiatrist (David Cronenberg). He seeks refuge in an abandoned cemetery which leads to the mythical Midian, a place where a variety of monsters are hiding from humanity.

That film however was drastically cut with three-quarters of an hour excised from Barker’s original version. Much of Barker’s cut lived on though in the bootleg ‘Cabal Cut’ which helped grow the film’s fan base.

Barker first began talking about a new TV version of the property two years ago, saying he was actively in conversation about doing it for television. This week, Morgan Creek’s Michael Plumides confirmed that he himself will executive produce and has written four episodes of the series under Barker and Mark Miller’s supervision. Plumides tells Empire:

“We’re staying true to the source material but also modernising the concepts to appeal to this millennium’s viewer. We think the fans will be very pleased. By incorporating great writing, character development, and mind-blowing practical and visual effects with a product that has achieved legendary cult status, we see a winner, especially in the absence of shows like True Blood, Fringe or even Sons of Anarchy. Barker’s vision is an amalgam of science-fiction, fantasy, and horror with violent, sexual overtones laced with dark comedy, and the Nightbreed series fires on all cylinders.

In writing the scripts, I made every effort to stay true to Barker’s vision for the purists without deviating wholly from the source material – even consulting not just Clive and Mark but Barker experts and aficionados; people that live and breath Barker’s work. Also, I will say, it feels American, but the British accent shines through. We hope to partner with a network that understands and appreciates the ‘monsters of Midian’ as we do, but also recognizes the viability of the Nightbreed property.”

He also says that it’s too early to discuss either a pilot’s production or a potential broadcaster, though he says there has been “significant interest”.