A New “The Matrix” Trilogy On The Way?

Andy and Lana Wachowski are reportedly developing a brand new sequel trilogy to “The Matrix” at Warner Bros. Pictures according to Latino Review.

The filmmakers have reportedly already turned in outlines and treatments to the studio who wants the first movie ready by 2017.

It isn’t clear what direction the new trilogy will take, though an early outline suggests it will be a prequel exploring how The Matrix was first created. Previous tie-in material such as “The Animatrix” will NOT have any impact on the new film’s story.

It’s unknown if any of the original trilogy’s cast will return, it also isn’t known if the Wachowskis will actually direct, but it seems likely.

Nothing has been confirmed by Warner Bros. Pictures at this time. Indeed, three years ago came talk of a revival of “The Matrix” franchise with dual films – a report which never panned out. Will this one hold true?