A New “Splinter Cell” On The Way?

A recent Amazon Canada listing has reportedly suggested that a new entry in the “Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell” franchise is in the works at Ubisoft. A Reddit user spotted the listing before it was unceremoniously removed altogether, with speculation immediately rampant that the game’s announcement will be a big reveal at E3 in June.

It would make sense – Ubisoft has no “Assassin’s Creed” title this year, “The Division 2” isn’t expected until next year, and its two other Tom Clancy franchises (“Ghost Recon,” “Rainbow Six”) had new entries in 2017 & 2016 respectively so aren’t expected to have new titles to show at E3 this year. The last “Splinter Cell” game meanwhile was ‘Blacklist’ back in 2013.

Ubisoft releases “Far Cry 5” next week and a big portion of its E3 presentation is expected to be around the lavish looking piracy game “Skull and Bones” and more about the “Beyond Good and Evil” sequel.

Source: VG247