A Movie About Game Console Wars?

Sony Pictures has reportedly registered a number of domain names this week with titles like ConsoleWarMovie.com and TheConsoleWarsMovie.com according to Fusible.

This has lead to speculation that the company is planning to work on a feature about the current state of the video game industry, and more specifically console gaming.

Journalist Kris Tapley soon after tweeted that he’s heard talk of the project being compared to a certain David Fincher film – “it was specifically described to me as ‘a Social Network of video gaming’.”

Of course if it were to go ahead, the question would be what era of gaming would be focused on? Amiga vs. Atari in the 80’s, Nintendo vs. Sega in the 90’s, or the duelling of Microsoft vs. Sony (with Nintendo’s fall and mega-resurgence into its own niche) since the turn of the millennium.

Game consoles are more popular than ever – Nintendo’s Wii has sold 97 million units, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 with 67 million, and Sony’s Playstation 3 with 64 million – and feuding between fanboys over which console is better has never been more virulent. There’s also the interesting geographic divides – 360 beats PS3 sales by 3:2 in the U.S., but in Europe and many other international markets the ratio is the other way around with Sony on top.

Eyebrows are already being raised over Sony’s obvious conflict of interest in this case. All this is speculation however, right now all we have are domain names and industry murmurs. More as it develops.