A More Comic-Like Ra’s Al Ghul In “Arrow”

You can expect Matt Nable’s upcoming interpretation of Batman villain Ra’s Al Ghul in the upcoming third season of The CW’s “Arrow” to bear more of a resemblance to the comic book version of the character than Liam Neeson’s turn in “Batman Begins”.

Entertainment Weekly spoke with executive producer Andrew Kreisberg about the League of Assassins leader:

“Now that the Arrow/Flash universe contains people with powers and contains the Mirakuru serum, it gives us a bit more license to be a little more ‘comic book-y’ than certainly even Christopher Nolan set out to do.

A lot of the themes for Oliver’s journey that we were discussing this season are wrapped up in identity. Can he be both Oliver Queen and the Arrow? A lot of that turned out to get tied up with what we thought of Ra’s al Ghul and who he was and where he came from and what his ultimate goals are. All of those things lined up perfectly.”

How many of the comic elements though – from the character’s immortality to the Lazarus pits – will be incorporated isn’t certain.