A Manbun & A Stark Return To “Thrones”


It seems two important thing are about to make an appearance on HBO’s fantasy drama “Game of Thrones”.

The first is the return of a minor character not seen since the third season – the essentially forgotten Rickon Stark (Art Parkinson). Speaking with BBC Radio, Maisie Williams confirmed the return of the character – the youngest of the Stark men.

When we last saw him, Rickon went off with the Wildling Osha as Bran set off with Hodor and the Reeds. Since then only references have been made to the character.

Meanwhile EW reports that with the return of Jon Snow to the land of the living, something drastic is being done to his character – a haircut. Actor Kit Harington’s tells the outlet: “We cut it much shorter for this season, and do a different hairstyle this season and put it up in a bun.”

The actor wore extensions in his corpse scenes to match his hair-length with the fifth season – those fake locks are what Melisandre was cutting away during last week’s resurrection scene. We’ll see Harington’s new look debut on Sunday’s third episode.