A Lot Cut From The Informers Film

The much-anticipated film adaptation of “American Psycho” author Bret Easton Ellis’ 1995 novel “The Informers” looks to be missing some key elements – namely the fantasy creatures.

IGN Movies spoke with actor Jon Foster, who stars as the son of a Hollywood movie exec (Billy Bob Thornton) in the project, and he says that “There are no more vampires. They took the vampires out. There are no zombies or monsters either.”

The news comes as a surprise as the creatures are a key part of the work. Foster adds “This is more about the narcissistic side of people’s characters. God knows why they took the vampire characters out. I can’t say if I was pleased or displeased, that is just the way it is.”

Brandon Routh had previously been cast as the head vampire character, so his involvement is now in question. Ellis himself received criticism when the book was first released about these mythological elements. As Ellis himself co-adapted the screenplay with Nicolas Jarecki, it seems like his decision to cut them.

Gregor Jordon is directing the project which also stars Kim Basinger, Mickey Rourke, Amber Heard, Winona Ryder and in his final role the late Brad Renfo. Other Ellis film adaptations include “The Rules of Attraction” and “Less than Zero”.